« There is no going back. This simple truth has always been central to my life, but I understand at last there is no possible immobility either. You lose it forever even as you take the first step with the intention not to come back. »

Inspired by Maylis de Kerangal’s novel “Tangeante vers l’est” as well as by the works of Nicolas Bouvier, this piece offers an invitation to travel; to take the first step, as much as to explore its consequences.
Two slowly converging journeys will end up crossing each other for all too brief a moment.

First collaboration on stage between Raphaël Perrenoud and Yuridia Ortega, « Going East » represents the meeting point of their respective practices: contemporary dance, floor acrobatics and cyr wheel. The choreography was built around the “deacrobatisation” of a contemporary circus act and an open question: what traces does an acrobatic writing leave when its outlines are erased?

The piece was presented for the first time in its short outdoor version (25mn) at the Rdeci Revirji festival (Hrastnik, Slovenia) in June 2021. The show was then adapted in various theatres in Mexico, as well as in site specific versions throughout Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Teaser: https://youtu.be/DcJm8XQge4M

Company name

Those who drink tea


Yuridia Ortega & Raphaël Perrenoud


Za trenutni mesec ni predstav.